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Chen Min’er and Tang Liangzhi Inspect the Project Implementation of 2018 Smart China Expo (SCE) and Preparation Work for 2019 SCE

Release:Chongqing Daily Time:2019-07-19 17:30:36

 While inspecting the project implementation of 2018 SCE and preparation work for 2019 SCE, as well as the development of big data and smart technologies, Chen Min’er and Tang Liangzhi stressed that efforts should be stepped up to fully implement projects with high quality, stand ready for the approaching SCE and empower economy and enrich life with intelligence

(Reported by Yang Fan, Zhang Jun) On July 2, Chen Min’er, Secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, and Tang Liangzhi, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Mayor of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, inspected the project implementation of the 2018 SCE and preparation work for the 2019 SCE, as well as the development of big data and smart technologies. Chen Min’er emphasized that, efforts should be made to be engaged in the learning of the important guidelines Secretary Xi Jinping made in his inspection to Chongqing, firmly take big data intelligent innovation as the strategic choice for Chongqing's development, fully implement projects signed during the 2018 SCE with high quality, stand ready for the approaching SCE in 2019, participate in international cooperation on the digital economy and promote smart manufacturing and construction of smart city, thus empowering economy and making life better with intelligence. Municipal leaders Wu Cunrong, Wang Fu and Duan Chenggang were also among the investigation group members.

With less than two months until the opening of the 2019 SCE, the preparation work has entered a critical stage. Chen Min’er and Tang Liangzhi were very concerned about the preparatory work of the SCE. They conducted on-the-spot investigations on the construction of relevant facilities and learned about the arrangement and preparation of the exhibition. Xiantao International Big Data Valley has initially established a complete industrial chain, value chain and ecosystem of big data. Chen explored the park's functional planning, locations and enterprises settled in the park, and exchanged views with staff from Voltmao Technology Co., Ltd and Wu Qi Technologies, Inc. Coming to Chongqing's Big Data Decision Support Platform for Economic and Social Development, Chen Min’er examined the data analysis of Chongqing's foreign trade and talents, hoping that the platform could provide accurate data services for Chongqing's development. The 5G autonomous driving public service platform in the park is the first such creation in China, which will provide visitors with a new driving experience during the SCE. Secretary Chen watched the driving demonstrations with great interest. He said that Xiantao International Big Data Valley should strengthen the integration between industries and cities, attach great importance to content construction, actively introduce strategic partners, foster and develop new industries, and new forms of business and new models, aiming to accelerate the construction of the leading ecological valley of big data industry in China.

Last year, the first SCE achieved a complete success, witnessing a number of projects signed and implemented. Since last year, HUAWEI (Chongqing) DevCloud Innovation Center in Xiantao International Big Data Valley has provided services to 265 enterprises and more than 3,000 software developers. Secretary Chen and Mayor Tang talked with enterprise executives and scientific researchers and encouraged the center to accelerate its development to become bigger and stronger, and strive to become the leading cloud service platform in China. Taking advantage of the SCE, Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park has seen an accelerated clustering of artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT). Since Alibaba's Intelligent Chongqing Center was launched, it has covered a range of businesses such as finance, cross-border e-commerce, Cainiao Logistics, and AliCloud. Chen Min’er listened to the introduction of the project implementation and had in-depth exchanges with the enterprise leaders on further expanding cooperation. In Liangjiang New Area Foreign Business District, the headquarters building of Tencent in southwestern China focusing on future smart interconnection will be put into service soon. Tencent director told Chen that, Tencent's main core business has been placed in Chongqing and a multi-business development pattern has been created. Entering the Innovation Experience Center of Tsinghua Unigroup, Secretary Chen inquired about the progress of cooperation projects. When informed that propelled by new projects, the enterprise enjoys a strong development momentum in Chongqing, Chen was very pleased. He said that Chongqing will spare no efforts to provide services for the development of enterprises in Chongqing, hoping to further deepen strategic cooperation and jointly promote the innovative development of big data intelligence in Chongqing.

The Future Smart Life Experience Park, situated in Lijia Peninsula by Jialing River, is the key project of intelligent ecological city in Liangjiang New Area. Covered by flourishing green grass and trees, the park in the beautiful river bay demonstrates the unique charm of the city of mountains and waters. Based on ecology, green development and intelligence, the park makes information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, IoT to penetrate throughout the production and living ecological spaces and builds intelligent life experience platform where all facilities and services are operated in an intelligent way. The park will be open to visitors during this year's SCE, which will overwhelm the public with spectacular intelligent experience. After inspecting the construction of 5G Comprehensive Experience Hall, Future Smart Home and Yunshang Experience Center, and experiencing the world's first L4 self-driving bus, Secretary Chen and Mayor Tang thought highly of the planning and construction of the park. Secretary Chen said that the philosophy of "green development+intelligence" should be adhered to, so as to protect ecological environment and leverage intelligence to build a smart city of the future with high quality.

During the investigation, Chen said that when General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Chongqing, he gave credit for the city's idea and actions in nurturing and strengthening the smart industry, urged us to keep moving on, and stressed the need to continue to hold the SCE with a high standard and deeply participate in the international cooperation on digital economy. Chongqing should be engaged in the learning of the important guidelines Secretary Xi Jinping made, focus on R & D and innovation on the one hand and industrial chain and cluster on the other hand, strive to establish the entire industry chain covering chips, LCD panels, electrical devices, core components and IoT, and further integrate the digital economy with the real economy and foster new drivers for economic development. It should attach great importance to intelligent manufacturing for industrial innovation, vigorously promote the intelligent upgrading of traditional industries, develop intelligent industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, software services and intelligent robots, and build industrial clusters boasting intelligent manufacturing advantage. Meanwhile, Chongqing should take smart city as the main media for intelligent application services, accelerate the construction of information infrastructure, enhance the ability of data collection, analysis and utilization, and make urban management services more intelligent. The SCE is a vital platform and media for the development of big data intelligence in Chongqing. We need to strengthen overall planning and coordination, create optimal conditions, ensure the implementation of the projects signed during the first SCE with high quality, and make good use of the achievements of the SCE, so that the "Smart Tree" will take root, blossom and bear fruit in Chongqing.

In accordance with the requirements of meticulousness, delicacy and perfection, we should see that the preparation work of this year's SCE was done, including exhibition promotion and setting, and activity planning, to ensure the SCE can achieve a full success and win big applause. Heads of relevant municipal departments were among the investigation team.

Source: Chongqing Daily